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cow print insurance and there benefits

 I believe that many friends in their lives have encountered the situation where the front windshield of the car was broken by the gravel pressed by the front car, and this time I was unfortunately caught. So today, let's talk about how to solve this situation.

The damage caused by the windshield being hit by gravel can be roughly divided into bull’s eye pattern, horizontal crack and vertical crack. The glass crack I encountered this time is a very standard bull’s eye pattern. On the left, there was a secondary damage caused by a boulder bouncing off, but it shattered the laminated layer in the middle of the windshield.

So for the small partners who are not covered by insurance,

 how to solve such a situation? It's very simple. You only need a one-yuan coin to judge whether the glass can be repaired. If the coin can cover the damaged point, and if we touch the damaged point from the inside of the car and find that the internal glass is not damaged, then we can repair it in the auto repair shop. Current political micro-records丨“small” industries and great achievements

Xi Jinping attaches great importance to this word | Experience cultural self-confidence in the Medical Shrine

【Hundred Years of Struggle, Set Sail on a New Journey】Big Data Supports "Unproven Cities"

The epidemic suddenly and closely spread to many provinces. Who is the “zero case”?

The junior high and primary schools in Bayuquan District are closed and classes are closed. Please report if you have taken these trains

Accountability for the outbreak in Lu'an, Anhui: two medical institutions closed, and the head of the district health committee suspended

3 Chinese citizens detained in Ethiopia Embassy: situation is still being verified

Wuhan tornado causes 8 deaths and 230 injuries, outdoor operations must be stopped in inclement weather

Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration:

 Strive to pass a bill to improve the electoral system before the end of May

Media evacuation before Israeli air strikes exposed, reporters gathered next to the ruins to continue reporting

The bombing near the UN agency in Gaza witnessed: lasted 45 minutes

A mosque explosion in Afghanistan kills 12 "Islamic State" declares responsibility

At least 8 children killed in Israeli air raid on refugee camp in Gaza Strip

The nation’s largest oil product pipeline operator announces that the system resumes normal operations

California women's 167 million yuan lottery jackpot throws the lottery into the washing machine and loses a huge amount of money

High winds, thunder and lightning, rainstorms, 

etc. are all on the battlefield, Zhejiang Province has issued 77 meteorological warnings

4-year-old girl was abducted by her biological father

Cockroaches appear in school cafeteria food Guangzhou Conghua Municipal Supervision Bureau: true

Officially notified the acrobatics teenagers losing contact in Chengdu: order the acrobatics troupe involved to suspend business for rectification

Have a house, a car, have a deposit, and kneel and beg

Women's hairdressing salon has a hot head but turned "Mediterranean", the owner danced on the spot

Changsha Announces 

"Serious Errors in Information Disclosure Documents": Initiation of Accountability

Chengdu rectifies corruption behind illegal sand and stone quarrying, 27 public officials are held accountable

Three workers in Sichuan were suspected of being poisoned while working on sewers, two died unfortunately

Taiwan's new crown pneumonia epidemic expands, 206 new local confirmed cases on the 16th

"Tucao Conference" back to the bottom? 

Liaoning men's basketball will restrict players from participating in variety shows

Why did Tianwen-1 land on Mars 7 days earlier than NASA and 3 months later?

The sex ratio is too high? 

Is aging coming? Why can Dongguan's population exceed 10 million

A young child choked to death while eating in Lanzhou, Gansu, the teacher involved has been suspended

The status of "Journey to the West" Red Boy: 52 companies with a net worth of over 100 million

Illegal carrying guns, Anhui man posted to Moments to show off being arrested


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