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Secure insurance and insurance how to protect us

 Production safety liability insurance (abbreviated as safety liability insurance) refers to the insurance institution that compensates for casualties and related economic losses caused by production safety accidents in the insured production and business unit, and provides accident prevention services for the insured production and business unit business insurance. 

Prevent accidents and promote the stability and improvement of the regional safety production situation; help prevent and resolve social contradictions, and reduce the burden of rescue by governments at all levels after accidents; help safeguard the fundamental interests of the people, promote healthy economic operation, and maintain social stability.

1 Features

▪ Wide coverage

▪ Flexible guarantee

2 Product description


The insurance offered for high-risk industries not only covers casualties or unknown whereabouts caused by production safety accidents in the production and operation of the company, but also covers additional medical expenses, third-party liability, and emergency rescue and after-care costs for accidents. .

Flexible guarantee

The limit of liability for death per person is 800,000, 500,000, 400,000, 300,000, etc.

Product description editor

The compensation limit of this contract [1] includes the accumulative compensation limit for personal injury, the accumulative compensation limit for medical expenses, the accumulative compensation limit for third party liability, the accumulative compensation limit for additional rescue and accident handling costs.

Insurance premiums are calculated and collected according to the business nature of the insured and the number of insured persons corresponding to different compensation limits selected.

Main insurance liability

During the insurance period, the insured’s staff members are injured or killed in the following circumstances within the territory of the People’s Republic of China. According to the laws of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “laws”), the insured shall be liable for economic compensation. The person is responsible for compensation in accordance with the agreement of this contract:

(1) Working in the workplace during working hours and being injured by work safety accidents due to work reasons;

(2) In the workplace before and after working hours, he is injured by a safety production accident when he is engaged in preparatory or finishing work related to the performance of his work duties;

(3) Suffering accidental injuries such as violence due to performing work duties during working hours and workplaces;

(4) During the period when they are away from work, their whereabouts are unknown due to work-related injuries or accidents;

(5) Injured by traffic and accidents on the way to and from get off work;

(6) Die from a sudden illness during working hours and at work positions or die within 48 hours after the rescue is ineffective;

(7) Other circumstances that should be recognized as safe production accidents according to laws and administrative regulations.

Additional third party liability

During the insurance period, the insured’s legally hired staff are employed in the insured’s workplace and engaged in the insured’s business as specified in the insurance policy schedule, and a safety production accident occurs, causing a third party In case of death, the insured shall be liable for economic compensation in accordance with the law, and the insurer shall be responsible for compensation in accordance with this additional insurance contract and the main insurance contract.

Additional rescue and accident handling expenses insurance liability

During the insurance period, if the insured’s staff members are injured or died due to the circumstances listed in Article 4 of the main insurance clause, the insured shall incur the following expenses due to necessary and reasonable rescue and accident handling measures: The insurer is also responsible for compensation in accordance with this additional insurance contract and the main insurance contract:

(1) On-site rescue costs;

(2) Overtime expenses, accommodation expenses, transportation expenses, meals and living allowances of the personnel involved in handling the accident.

insurance in useful for our children feature and that protect us by low conditions and down and up it well be safe our feature.


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