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Insurance is a system to seek protection from uncertain financial loss or to protect your money so you can use it later. If you have an insurance, insurance company pays to you or you can choose someone of your own to pay you. The organization that pays you insurance is known as insurance company. Insurance is always written between the person who is getting insurance done and the company responsible for that insurance. 

Insurance policy only pay that loss which has been written in the policy and they are not responsible for that loss which is not mentioned in the policy so we should make sure that we read policy carefully before buying it. If a company buys insurance for any person , then that company is declared as policyholder and that person is then declared as insured. Insurance can help us in many ways: like if you are driving a car and you hit your car with another car and you have insurance of your car, then all the cost of the repairs of your car will be taken up by that insurance company. Insurance company will provide coverage to your car repairs at better prices. Insurance can help a person in saving their money so they can use that money in their bad times. If a person has no insurance against anything, they would be responsible for all the damage due to any accident and the company would not pay any loss.  Insurance policies are just for a minimum period of time. When that specific date of insurance expiry passes, the person now have to buy a new policy or need to get that policy renewed. When someone buys a policy , there only responsibility is to pay premiums. Premiums are also of different types : some premiums are paid annually or some are paid monthly. Insurance is a good fit for saving money. The available types of insurances are as follows: 


 if a person buys health insurance, all of his medical expenses, prescription, medicines etc are paid under that policy.


 person who is buying life insurance will select a no of amount which will help his family in paying bills or to cope with any loss after his death.


 this insurance protects a person when he or she is not able to earn due to any severe injury or illness so they do not face any problem in their future.


 Person who is buying auto insurance does not require paying full cost of vehicle repairs or any medical expenses.


  Person buying homeowners insurance protects your home from any damage or any financial loss.

In case, a person wants to buy any sort of insurance he or she should make sure that they do research on that company and they should check if that company is providing good services and are authentic. You should also find out what factor matters the most for that insurance so that your loss can be covered up in better prices.


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