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wolf skull insurance and it,s all process

 The c-line of the wolf tower is well-known in the outdoor world for its mysterious legend, beautiful scenery and three highs (high danger, high intensity, high altitude), and is sought after by more and more travel friends who like high-end routes. As the difficulty of crossing the Wolf Tower is far more difficult than that of the famous Schattdecor Trail, there are few friends who have the opportunity to walk the Wolf Tower Line every year.

    Line C of the Wolf Tower is the longest and most arduous trekking adventure route through the central part of West Tianshan in the north-south direction. It starts from the Hutubi River Grand Canyon in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Northern Xinjiang, traverses five nearly 4000 meters of Osaka, crosses the sky plank road with a total length of nearly 5 kilometers, and finally reaches Hejing, Bayingoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture County Balun Terrace, the whole trekking distance is about 130 kilometers. 

The Hutubi River originates from the Heyuan Peak. In the local Kazakh language, the Heyuan Peak is called the Wolf Tower, which means the tower mountain guarded by wolves. The wolf tower (peak) is 5290 meters above sea level, and the mountain is steep and shaped like a spire. The Wolf Tower C route is a high-risk hiking adventure route that passes through this area.

 In the uninhabited area of ​​more than 100 kilometers in the back mountain

the forest is dense, covering the sky and the sun; strange flowers and weeds are unheard of. This is a paradise for wild animals such as wolves, brown bears, snow leopards, wild boars, ibex, argali, snow cocks, etc. It is also a place for mountain friends who are full of adventurous spirits. The C-line crossing of the Wolf Tower requires crossing the ice mountain pass, crossing the rapids, walking the sky plank road, crossing the grassland, the forest... the scenery is beautiful and thrilling, and it is a magnificent scenery of the majestic Tianshan. Outdoors in Xinjiang, there is a saying that "Wolf C does not walk when he returns." It is also one of the most difficult hiking routes that has been developed and proven by Xinjiang Outdoors.

 There are many legends about it:

 there is the desperate Baiyanggou Osaka, the frightening aerial plank road, the towering Monte Kaizeng ice Osaka; there is also the most beautiful mountain pasture beyond sight and The oil painting-like scenery of the Taipusikma River Valley and the Tranta River Valley; there are also giant mushrooms that can grow to more than one kilogram, as well as groups of ibexes and evil wolves that follow... The most classic Tianshan mountain crossing route in Xinjiang is a way of self-abuse to temper your will and temper your mind.

 Since the C-line of the Wolf Tower is so self-abuse,

 why would I just go? There is a long trip every year. I haven't had much plan this year. One accidentally saw Wolf C's post, so he hurriedly set up a trip to Wolf C.

Borrow a schematic diagram of LEE Friends in 2009

The details of this crossing are as follows:

 Crossing routes: Urumqi-Hutubi-Dafeng Town-Queergou-Baiyanggou Coal Mine-Baiyanggou-Baiyanggou Daban-Taipuximark River-Kuleatten Daban-and Telanta River-Monte Kaizengdaban-Kanagayitdaban-Gurenguolegou-Halahati Daban-Exploration Base Camp-218 National Highway-Baluntai-Urumqi (Note: The red font is the driving route, the black font is the hiking Line, Daban=Yakou)


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